Jake Plummer Net Worth 2024 – Biography, Early Life, Spouse

As of 2024, Jake Plummer net worth is $30 million. who is a retired professional American football quarterback. Having had a successful career in the National Football League (NFL), he decided to move on to different pursuits after retiring.

Born in Boise, Idaho, on December 19, 1974, Jake Plummer is a former NFL quarterback well-known for the seasons he played with the Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals. Plummer became popular for his explosive playing style.

We could see in his durability, strength, and ability to guide his team through challenging circumstances. He guided his teams during postseason appearances. Also, He was elected to the Pro Bowl during his lengthy NFL career. 

Who is Jake Plummer?

Net Worth$30 million
NameJake Plummer
Monthly IncomeNot available
ProfessionFormer NFL Quarterback
Date of BirthDecember 19, 1974
Height6 feet 2 inches
SpouseNot available

Key Facts to Know about Jake Plummer

Jake Plummer, born on December 19, 1974, is an American former NFL quarterback with a net worth of $30 million as of 2024.

Jake Plummer Net Worth - How Did Jake Plummer Make Money in 2024?

What is Jake Plummer’s Net Worth and Earning In 2024?

Jake Plummer’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be $30 million. While specific details about his monthly income are not publicly disclosed, it primarily stems from his successful career as a professional football player and subsequent ventures.

Jake Plummer Biography

Jake Plummer Early Life

Jake Plummer was born on December 19, 1974, in Boise, Idaho. Growing up, he displayed a keen interest in football and showcased his talent early on, paving the way for a remarkable career in the sport.

Jake Plummer Career

Jake Plummer’s football career took off when he played college football at Arizona State University. His exceptional skills and performance earned him a spot in the 1997 NFL Draft, where he was selected by the Arizona Cardinals.

Plummer played for several teams during his NFL career, including the Denver Broncos, where he had notable success.

Jake Plummer Net Worth - How Did Jake Plummer Make Money in 2024?

Jake Plummer Family

Information about Jake Plummer’s family, including details about his spouse, is not readily available to the public. Plummer has maintained a relatively private personal life, focusing more on his professional endeavors.

Jake Plummer Business Ventures & Investments

While Jake Plummer’s post-football business ventures and investments are not extensively documented, many retired athletes often explore various entrepreneurial opportunities and investments to secure their financial future.

Jake Plummer Home & Car Collection

Details about Jake Plummer’s home and car collection are not publicly disclosed, contributing to his overall private lifestyle.


What is the net worth of Jake Plummer?

Jake Plummer’s net worth is estimated to be $30 million in 2024.

What is the name of Jake Plummer’s spouse?

Details about Jake Plummer’s spouse are not publicly available.

How old is Jake Plummer?

Jake Plummer was born on December 19, 1974, making him [Current Year – 1974] years old in 2024.

What is the height of Jake Plummer?

Jake Plummer stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches.


In conclusion, Jake Plummer’s journey from a talented young football enthusiast to a successful NFL quarterback has undoubtedly contributed to his substantial net worth. While he keeps aspects of his personal life private, his impact on the football field is well-acknowledged. As of 2024, Jake Plummer continues to be a noteworthy figure, both in the sports world and in discussions about financial success.