ylie Lewis was a contestant on the 18th season of The Bachelor. She was eliminated in week 1.

She used to live in Chicago, currently resides in Rockford, Illinois

Works at District Bar & Grill (FB page) as a bartender.

Very much into artistry as well

after just ONE episode of Season 18 of “The Bachelor” one contestant aspiring model and artist Kylie Lewis is already claiming she was set-up.

Kylie Lewis was the bubbly 23-year-old redhead in the pink gown who Penny Farthing’s husband nicknamed “the mermaid” who was booted in the rose ceremony in an unprecedented kind of way. Kylie came forward to accept a rose after thinking she had heard her name

She claims that they made her dye her hair from strawberry blonde to red and to wear a pink dress instead of a purple one and to send Juan Pablo a tweet right after they met.

She also claims that the producers “went out of their way” to show her rose mix-up.