Angelina Jolie’s FBI Lawsuit Reveals Details About Brad Pitt’s Alleged Domestic Violence Incident

The 2016 alleged domestic violence incident was the catalyst for Angelina Jolie’s divorce from Brad Pitt

It is getting scrutinized again because of a lawsuit she filed against the F.B.I

The federal agency was reportedly looking at filing criminal charges against Pitt but backed off

Jolie is now asking for those files as part of her Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

According to Jolie, Brad Pitt was drinking while they were on a private plane traveling back to Los Angeles.

They had an argument and Pitt “allegedly grabbed her shoulders and shook her"

He yelled things like, ‘You’re f**king up this family'

The fight continued and he became physical with Jolie injuring her elbow and Pitt pouring his beer on her.

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