Anne Heche taken off of life support

Anne Heche was taken off of life support Sunday, two days after she was declared legally brain dead.

 The news was confirmed with Heche's representative.

Anne Heche has been peacefully taken off life support

Known for her roles in Another World, Men in Trees, Wag the Dog, Donnie Brasco, Six Days, Seven Nights and Volcano, the actress was 53 when she sustained a brain injury and burns by crashing her car into a California home on Aug. 5.

Heche slipped into a coma and never woke up again.

Life support machines kept her breathing and her heart beating after her brain ceased activity to preserve her organs for donation.

Matches had been found and surgeons were expected to remove and transplant multiple of her organs.

Heche first made a name for herself in Hollywood during the 1990s on the soap opera Another World, where she played a dual role as a pair of twins.

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