Bad Bunny takes stab at 'Bullet Train' movie role, can't believe he was hired to kill Brad Pitt

Growing up in a small town in Puerto Rico where he worked as a grocery bagger, the rapper known as Bad Bunny had big dreams about not only making music, but movies.

The music dreams have come true for Bad Bunny, a two-time Grammy Award-winning global superstar.

And last weekend, Bad Bunny hit his movie goal with his first major film role, in "Bullet Train."

It's a scene-stealing appearance that Bad Bunny, 28,  could never have imagined

He plays the Wolf, an assassin trying to kill Brad Pitt's rival assassin, Ladybug, on a Japanese high-speed train.

"I have always dreamed about making movies and acting"

"But I never, ever had a dream where I was trying to kill Brad Pitt in a movie scene."

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