Biden will face 2024 opposition from far-left group, citing “his job performance as president”

The 'DontRunJoe' campaign comes after poll reveals two thirds of Democrats don't want Biden to rerun in 2024.

Left Groups are expecting "many allied groups and notable individuals" to join them in launching a campaign against the president's anticipated 2024 reelection bid.

"We object to Biden running in 2024 because of his job performance as president," RootsAction confounder Jeff Cohen told

RootsAction told its plans for a '#DontRunJoe’ campaign that is set to launch on November 9, 2022, the day following midterm elections.

The organization's objective is to hinder the president's campaign if he decides to run in 2024

RootsAction expressed that the organization believes, "Joe Biden should not seek it [reelection]. If he does, he will have a fight on his hands."

Many democrats themselves do not want Biden to re-run

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