Roberto Martin Antonio Bonilla, an American who played baseball in Major League Baseball from 1986 to 2001, is now retired.

The group agreed to postpone paying Bonilla the millions of dollars they owed, with payments to begin in 2011.

enduring till 2035. Every year on July 1, those payments of just less than $1.2 million are made; hence, Bobby Bonilla Day.

Course, the Madoff money never materialised, and the Mets were mistaken. Due to the postponed nature of the agreement he made with agents, Bonilla is currently 59 years old.

He will continue to receive a yearly payment from the Mets until 2035, the year he turns 72, Dennis Gilbert and Rick Thurman.

the New York Mets are still paying his salary. Additionally, Bonilla receives his yearly salary from the Mets on July 1. Vesting happens quite quickly because a player can now be eligible for a pension with as little as forty-four days of big league service.

The arrangement began in 1991 when the Mets signed Bonilla to a five-year, $29 million contract, which at the time was the most expensive contract in professional sports.

Before being moved to the Florida Marlins, Bonilla played the first three and a half seasons of his deal with the Mets.