Busta Rhymes Details "Mindf--k" Moment During Sex That Kickstarted Weight Loss Journey

Busta Rhymes has a strong determination to achieve his fitness goals and has learned how to elevate his fitness routine.

Reflecting on his journey, the rapper recently opened up about the health challenges he faced when he reached his highest weight during 2018 and '19.

In a video interview with Men's Health on August 2nd, Busta Rhymes confessed that he was in terrible shape during that time and weighed around 340 pounds.

This period of being at his heaviest weight led to various health issues, prompting him to reevaluate his lifestyle choices.

Overcoming those difficult times, Busta Rhymes has made significant changes to his health and fitness routine, resulting in him being in better shape now.

The rapper credits his improved health and well-being to the transformative journey he underwent, motivating him to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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