American DirectorCary Fukunaga Accused of Inappropriate Behavior on Multiple Sets

“No Time to Die” director Cary Fukunaga is being accused of inappropriate workplace behavior and abusing his power on set to engage in relationships with younger women.

Anonymous sources from the production of the upcoming AppleTV+ miniseries “Masters of the Air,” on which the 44-year-old Fukunaga serves as a director, told Rolling Stone that he engaged in an “absolute, clear-cut abuse of power” when engaging with young female actresses and crew members.

Fukunaga denies the claim, with his attorney Michael Plonsker issuing a statement that notes, “There is nothing salacious about pursuing friendships or consensual romantic relationships with women.”

Plonsker continued that “no one ever — not once — voiced such sentiments to” Fukunaga over harassment claims. “He creates a work environment that is creative, collaborative and welcoming to all,” Plonsker said in a statement.

Fukunaga also faces allegations of grooming now-23-year-old actress and skateboarder Rachelle Vinberg, whom he met when she was 18. Vinberg took to social media earlier this month to share a filtered selfie with Fukunaga, captioning, “I spent years being scared of him. Man’s a groomer and has been doing this shit for years. Beware, women.”

In a statement, lawyer Plonsker confirms that Fukunaga “had a very brief and consensual romantic relationship with [Vinberg] that has ended”

“Maniac” twin sister actresses Cailin Loesch and Hannah Loesch earlier shared a blog post alleging Fukunaga engaged them in a relationship that spanned years since meeting when they were 20 years old on the set of the Netflix series.

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