Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards' Daughter Sami Clarifies Her Job as "Sex Worker"

Sami Sheen—the 19-year-old daughter of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards—set the record straight on what she meant when she called herself a "sex worker" in a recent TikTok.

Sami Sheen is clearing the air about her career.

she put on makeup and got ready for her job, Sami told viewers, "I already shaved my entire body and put some lotion on.

I'm starting laser hair removal soon, so that's going to be a huge game-changer."

After the clip left some curious as to exactly what Sami does for a living, she set the record straight and clarified that she's strictly an OnlyFans model.

"I am not a p-star," she said in a TikTok posted on June 10. "I don't meet up with people.

I don't film myself having sex. I don't do that, but I also don't have no judgement toward the people do do that."

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