Early estimates place the movie's opening day take between between Rs. 2.60 and 3.20 crores.

 The movie benefited greatly from national cinema day since it replaced Brahmastra as the audience's second favourite movie.

 The film's opening day attendance was boosted by a solid trailer, well-known actors in the cast, and tickets priced at Rs. 75.

On the day of its debut, Chup sold almost 4 lakh tickets, making it one of the greatest shocks of the year.

Chup, a thriller starring Sunny Deol and Dulquer Salmaan and produced by the late Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and directed by R.

On the day of its release, Chup sold almost 4 lakh tickets

If not for National Cinema Day, Chup might have struggled for even a crore on Friday, but it is the prime example of how the right pricing can drive the business of a feature film in India.

Chup is the best illustration of how the correct price can propel the business of a feature picture in India. 

Without National Cinema Day, Chup could have struggled to earn even a crore on Friday.

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