Colorado man shoots, kills 400-pound bear after it entered his home

A Colorado man had a rude awaking early Saturday morning when a roughly 400-pound bear flipped the lever doorknob to his home and rummaged through some dog food

The homeowner, Ken Mauldin, grabbed a gun and shot the bear multiple times until it collapsed and died just after 2 a.m

Nobody was injured and the officers  removed the animal from the house, located in the ski-resort town of Steamboat Springs.

Colorado has roughly 12,000 bears and break-ins aren’t uncommon in Rocky Mountain towns

This particular male bear was not tagged and the department does not know if it was involved in other break-ins

Colorado man shoots, kills 40People shooting and killing bears in self-defense, however, is rare0-pound bear after it entered his home

Residents of Steamboat Springs are warned by the agency to lock doors and windows, secure their trash and recycling

“Bears are very smart. Once they learn that it’s easy to access food in a certain area, they are going to keep doing it.”

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