Dakota Johnson Shares Rare Insight Into Her Bond With Riley Keough

Dakota Johnson joyfully discusses the central theme of her friendship with Riley Keough.

Sharing insights into their enduring companionship, the Persuasion star recounts their introduction as teens in an In-N-Out parking lot.

Describing their connection as akin to discovering a soulmate, Dakota conveyed her ineffable emotions about growing up in the limeligh

Having famous lineages—Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith for Dakota, and Lisa Marie Presley and Danny Keough for Riley—forged an instant sense of solidarity

Reflecting on their bond, Dakota recalls a profound understanding stemming from their shared experiences as offspring of renowned parents.

In an August 8 Vanity Fair interview, Dakota Johnson elaborates on the deep resonance she felt, drawing parallels between her own upbringing and Riley's.

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