Dave Chappelle is the best stand-up ever, most selling artist

While most comics deal in short bursts of sentences, Chappelle tells long, winding stories that draw you in and keep you on the edge of your seat.

He mixes social commentary into his comedy, giving intellectual observations about the world while keeping you laughing.

He makes you feel smart for getting his comedy.

And he talks a lot about himself in a way that creates a world—you know who the person speaking to you is.

You can’t repeat his long stories and remember all the callbacks and references.

And because so much of his comedy is about himself, how could you tell the joke yourself?

Chappelle is unapologetically Black—his comedy is Blackcentric and takes full advantage of the ability to make fun of white people and to call out their mistakes.

In the way he talks and how he lives his life, Chappelle seems to be free.

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