Deja vu: Why the media are turning against both Trump and Biden for 2024

Presidents Trump and Biden were elected despite the media's efforts

It suddenly seems the media establishment is pushing back hard against a Biden-Trump rematch.

The current and former presidents won the office successively despite media mockery, skepticism and, in Donald Trump’s case, outright hostility.

Trump has given every indication he wants to run, including telling associates, who then leak to the press, that he might announce any day now to clear the GOP field.

Predictions are that neither of these septuagenarians can win their party’s nomination, and shouldn’t even try.

Trump knows he would limit himself to $2,900 hard-money individual donations if he legally declares this early and be unable to use his PAC money

Most believe even if it was a run between Trump and Biden, Trump would have a lead considering the Presidency of Biden

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