Denzel Washington Honors August Wilson’s Legacy at House Opening

On Saturday, crowds gathered outside August Wilson’s childhood home in the historic Hill District here to celebrate the grand opening of the August Wilson House.

After a yearslong fund-raising and restoration effort, the house where the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright spent the first 13 years of his life will now be open to the public.

It will be open with the goal of extending Wilson’s legacy and advancing Black arts in culture.

Wilson, who died in 2005, is perhaps best known for his series of 10 plays called the American Century Cycle

It details the various experiences of Black Americans throughout the 20th century

Nine of these plays are set in this city’s Hill District — a bastion of Black history, arts and culture

The restoration effort was a long time coming

Although it became a spot of cultural pilgrimage for Wilson’s fans after his death, those pilgrims saw only decay once they arrived.

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