Trump ‘wild’ rally tweet was a ‘call to arms’: January 6 committee

A committee member noted that the tweet “served as a call to action, and in some cases as a call to arms, for many of President Trump’s most loyal supporters”

Right-wing extremists and supporters of Donald Trump staged the January 6, 2021 assault on the U.S. Capitol

This was after a tweet from the former President seen as a “call to arms,” lawmakers said

Liz Cheney, vice chair of the House select committee investigating the attack on Congress, said meanwhile that Mr. Trump had attempted recently to call a committee witness.

The witness, who was not identified, did not take the call from Mr. Trump and alerted their lawyer, who contacted the committee, Ms. Cheney said.

“This committee has supplied that information to the Department of Justice,” she said.

The committee is trying to determine whether Mr. Trump or his associates had a role in planning or encouraging the violent insurrection

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