Don't miss the biggest 'supermoon' of the year on July 13.

On Wednesday (July 13), the moon will arrive at its closest point to the Earth for 2022.

Nine hours and 38 minutes later, the moon will officially turn full.

when the moon shines down on your neighborhood on Wednesday night, keep this in mind: What you're looking at is not precisely a full moon, but a waning gibbous moon

Still, newspapers, radio and TV stations will almost certainly urge the public to step outside that night and witness the "rare" spectacle of the biggest and brightest full moon of this year — better known as the "supermoon"

Perhaps only brand a full moon as "super" when it comes to within 221,705 miles (356,800 km) of Earth.

That would make supermoons less frequent, occurring on an average of once about every 4 years.

The most recent would have occurred in the year 2018 and the next not until 2026.

In some years there are three supermoons, while other years have four