Drake Does His Son Adonis' Hair in Sweet Family Photo

Drake's heartwarming father-son pic with Adonis gets attention on IG, along with some light teasing from rapper Lil Yachty.

The rapper shares an endearing moment unbraiding his son's hair, while Lil Yachty playfully questions his intentions.

Drake's braiding skills showcased in pic with son; Lil Yachty pokes fun, Drake fires back about Yachty's own parenting.

Instagram snapshot reveals Drake's bonding with Adonis as he undoes braids; Lil Yachty's comment and Drake's witty retort follow.

Tender scene of Drake unbraiding his son's hair receives online buzz; Lil Yachty jests, Drake counters with humorous remark about parenting.

Drake's IG post capturing fatherly gesture towards Adonis sparks interaction with Lil Yachty, as playful exchange ensues about braiding and parenting.

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