Drones spot 2 more bodies from Italy avalanche, toll at 9

Authorities said conditions downslope from a glacier in the Italian Alps were too unstable for searchers and dogs to work on the mountain

a chunk of ice the size of an apartment building broke loose at the weekend, killing several hikers.

But with the aid of drones, two more bodies were spotted at the edge of tons of debris from the avalanche.

The discovery raised to nine the known death toll from Sunday’s avalanche

Five people who had been hiking have been unaccounted for

But authorities stressed that until identification can be made on the two bodies pinpointed by drones

All of the missing are Italians. So far, four of the nine dead have been identified.

While hikers were enjoying a Sunday outing in warm, sunny weather, an enormous portion of the glacier detached, sending an avalanche of ice and rocks thundering across a main hiking trail.