Every Time Rachel Bilson Delightfully Divulged TMI

From not experiencing an orgasm until her 30s to discussing Bill Hader's "big dick," The O.C.'s Rachel Bilson isn't afraid to make a NFSW confession.

Quick, someone put Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle away because these revelations from Rachel Bilson are NSFW.

Best known for her turn as the quippy Summer Roberts on Fox's The O.C., which celebrated its 20th anniversary on Aug. 5,

Bilson has proven to be just as open and outspoken as her beloved character.

Thanks to her Broad Ideas podcast—where she welcomes guests to have candid conversations about sex,

motherhood and more—fans have been introduced to a new side of the 41-year-old, one that's unfiltered and unapologetic.

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