Five asteroids are on their way to Earth this week

Seems like asteroids like giving us earthlings some flybys.

Last week we reported different asteroids flying past Earth every day.

This week, again the space rocks are queueing up to fly past our blue planet.

These asteroids are classified as Near Earth Objects (NEO) and are not potentially dangerous.

Tuesday, August 16, Asteroid (NEO) 2022 PJ1 will be paying us a visit from the closest distance of 4.23 million kilometers at a speed of 6 kilometers per second.

The next close approach of asteroid 2022 PJ1 to our planet will happen on August 04, 2025.

On that day, its distance to Earth will be 18.86 million kilometers.

Five asteroidsThe asteroid 2022 PJ1 isn't a potential hazard near-Earth object. are on their way to Earth this week.

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