Gigi Hadid Is the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo After Debuting Massive New Ink

Gigi Hadid recently debuted new body art—a big dragon tattoo across her upper-thigh—while on a tropical girl's trip, writing, "Am I in my girl w the dragon tattoo era ?!"

The supermodel recently debuted a massive dragon tattoo covering her upper-thigh, sharing snapshots of the new body art on July 14.

Wearing a coral-printed bikini, Gigi cheekily showed off the dragon tattoo—an elaborate, black-ink creation complete with talons and a swirling tail—on Instagram.

She captioned the picture alongside a dragon emoji, "mornin!".

Gigi gave a closer look at dragon tattoo on her Instagram Stories, reposting an image from friend and multi-media artist Alana O'Herlihy's account.

The picture showed the 28-year-old clad in a sunshine yellow swimsuit, with the body ink bouncing off light from the sun.

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