Hailey Bieber has never felt sexier

Hailey Bieber has established herself as a fixture in the fashion industry both on the runway and simply walking down the street.

Hailey Bieber's a celebrated street-style star and has now become everyone’s resident dewy-skin icon. Bieber managed to carve out a meaningful space in a saturated, often noisy industry with a highly successful  YouTube channel and—drum roll please—her new beauty brand, Rhode.

So, on the day of the brand’s launch, we’re here to celebrate Hailey Bieber as a bonafide business owner and entrepreneur alongside her other accolades.

When meeting Hailey, her skin is the first thing you notice. It’s so dewy that it looks airbrushed.

Hailey says her relationship with skincare has been heavily influenced by the women who raised her.

Hailey says she kept her fans and customers top of mind at every step during the brand's development process.

In a year where many complained that the celebrities attending turned up too casual, her look was all over TikTok, with creators attempting to replicate the effortless but fun style.

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