Brandy Bottone, of Plano, Texas, was driving in the high-occupancy vehicle lane on U.S. Highway 75 South when she was abruptly stopped by a policeman. According to him, there must be more than one passenger in the car for it to be legal to do so.Bottone claimed that because she was 34 weeks pregnant, she didn't perceive the issue. She pointed to her stomach and replied, "My baby daughter is right here," when the police inquired where the other car passenger was. She is an individual. Bottone recalled that the officer had stated that both individuals needed to be "outside of the body." Bottone skillfully drew attention to the legal double standard in Texas at the moment: is her unborn kid regarded as a live person or not?

According to all that is happening with the reversal of Roe v. Wade, she told the Dallas Morning News, "One cop kind of blew me off when I stated this is a living child." She said to the officer, "I don't know why you're not seeing it." She was given a $215 ticket when the police rejected her reasoning. The incident occurred immediately after the contentious Roe v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court last month. Abortions are never permitted in Texas. The state's politicians intend to further complication reproductive care by preventing travel for out-of-state procedures and restricting abortion medications being mailed to women in the state of Texas. even prior to the historic Supreme Court

Texas had "the most stringent abortion law in the country," according to a Supreme Court judgement, the New York Times reported. The Texas Supreme Court approved the implementation of a six-week abortion cutoff in March. There are only a few exceptions in the nine states that have outlawed abortions, including Texas. Yesterday, abortion restrictions were tightened in Louisiana and Indiana, limiting the options available to women seeking the procedure. Bottone reportedly told the Dallas Morning News, "I will be fighting it." The 20th of July is both her court date and her due date.

Texas's PLANO - Driving alone in the HOV lane resulted in a traffic penalty for a pregnant woman in Texas. She is currently contesting the ticket on the grounds that her unborn kid should be counted as a second passenger. Brandy Bottone of Plano was stopped at a sheriff's checkpoint last month after being the only vehicle in the High-Occupancy Vehicle lane, according to NBC DFW. A motorbike or a vehicle with two or more occupants must meet the requirements of the state in order to use an HOV lane. The lane cannot be used by a single driver. In an interview with NBC DFW, Bottone discussed the event and said that an officer had searched her car for a second passenger after stopping it.

'Is It Just You?' He Asks. According To Nbc Dfw, She Stated To The Officer, "and I Said, "no, There's Two Of Us?" "so, Where's The Other Person?" He Asked. Then Bottone, Who Was 34 Weeks Along, Pointed To Her Tummy And Said, "right Here." However, The Police Informed Her That The Unborn Kid Is Not Considered A Second Passenger, According To Nbc Dfw. According To Bottone, Who Spoke To Nbc Dfw, "I Then Remarked, "well (I'm) Not Trying To Throw A Political Mix Here, But With Everything Going On (with Roe V. Wade), This Counts As A Baby." An Unborn Child Is Regarded As A Person "at Every Stage Of Gestation From Conception Until Birth," According To The Texas Penal Code.