Jennifer Lopez's 'old movie' wedding dress remains a mystery

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck made a surprise trip down the aisle in July – sealing their Bennifer status forever.

The twice-engaged couple got married at A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Lopez confirmed via her On the JLo fan newsletter.

Lopez wore two different dresses: a sleeveless floral jacquard gown, which she said hailed from an "old movie," and a long sleeve off-the-shoulder lace dress with a matching veil. It's unclear when during her wedding she wore each dress.

Social media has turned into a full-blown frenzy as eagle-eyed fans and fashion blogs try to uncover what old movie she's referencing.

Could it be a movie Lopez starred in or is the dress from any old movie?

The singer has played a bride in nine films and has worn many wedding dresses in scenes from shopping for gowns to walking down the aisle.

Each time someone has tried to crack the code, it's led to a dead end.

USA TODAY has done our own investigating, and this is what we've learned about the "old movie" dress.

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