Kdrama Snowdrop actress Park Soo Ryun dies at 29; falls down the stairs

Park Soo Ryun's mother told the Korean media that her daughter's brain was not responding but her heart was functional.

Kdramas actress Park Soo Ryun, who was seen in the popular Korean show Snowdrop, died at the age of 29 on June 11.

The actress reportedly fell down the stairs while returning home, according to the reports in OSEN.

The doctors tried saving her but she was brain dead. Her sudden death has left her family and fans in great shock and pain.

Reportedly,  Park Soo Ryun's family has decided to donate her organs to the hospital.

Park Soo Ryun was born in 1994 and was popular in the world of Kpop and Kdramas.

She made her musical debut through musical Il Tenore.

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