Kim Kardashian bested Hillary Clinton in a test of their legal knowledge.

Gutsy is slated to premiere on Apple TV+ starting Sept. 9.

It is based on the book Hillary Clinton wrote with Chelsea Clinton

It shows the former secretary of state and Kardashian, a reality TV star who is studying to be a lawyer, being quizzed.

The competition, in which Chelsea was asking the questions, ended with Kardashian correctly answering 11 of the questions while the Clinton got four.

"I was also really intrigued by how well she did," Hillary Clinton said.

“I wanted to put the spotlight on her. Not that she needs it."

Chelsea Clinton said her mother needs to work on her reaction time because her mother knew the answer to a question she "wouldn’t hit the buzzer in time.”

Prior to taking the quiz challenge, Clinton stated she believed that Kardashian had "an unfair advantage.”

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