Kim Kardashian Shares She Broke Her Shoulder

Kim Kardashian is on the road to recovery following a shoulder fracture and torn tendon, as she announced on August 7, expressing determination to bounce back.

Despite her injury, the reality TV star showcased her unwavering spirit by reuniting with trainer Melissa Alcantara, who had also experienced a similar setback.

Kim affirmed her resilience, declaring that she won't be deterred, and she's showcased her active life, like taking her son on a global soccer tour.

The 42-year-old celebrity is back in action, returning to the gym and promoting her Alani energy drink named Kimade, as seen in a hydration video.

Kim Kardashian's recovery journey is marked by her commitment to physical well-being and her ability to overcome setbacks with a positive attitude.

"It was so tight on me that it literally kept me from bleeding out. I recommend it.

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