Kylie Jenner and the Instagram Algorithm Are Fighting

The Kardashians have all reposted an infographic  from @illumitati, condemning Instagram’s algorithm.

“Make Instagram Instagram Again,” it reads. Sincerely, Everyone.

Bruening created a petition on July 22 calling to “BRING BACK CHRONOLOGICAL TIMELINES!” reaching over 163,000 online signatures

The original Instagram infographic has almost 2 million likes.

Bruening, as well as the famous siblings, appear to be protesting the messy, out-of-order algorithm and soon-to-be even more video-heavy platform that Instagram has become.

Kylie’s share, along with comments from Chrissy Teigen and James Charles, launched it into virality

Kylie tweeted: “sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me …” Soon after, Snapchat lost over $1 billion.

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