Lady Gaga’s choreographer Richard ‘Richy’ Jackson accused of toxic behaviour by 10 dancers

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The 43-year-old is said to have been abusive and used his power to demean staff “just because he could”.

Dancer Caroline Diamond claimed in a video: “He abused me, he embarrassed me, he made me feel terrible in the workplace, just because he could.

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“Gaga was my dream... I chased it and I got it, and she is the dream, and then you get there, and this man makes your dream a nightmare.”

Rolling Stone said in a story published on Thursday 10 dancers had spoken out against Jackson.

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It spoke with five dancers who echoed claims Jackson created a toxic working environment and what they labelled an “unsafe” and “unhealthy” workplace.

Two of the dancers said it led to them voluntarily quitting what was otherwise a dream job.

All the dancers who made allegations against the choreographer spoke highly of Gaga, 36, and stressed she “had nothing to do with the situation, as she wasn’t present for much of the dancers’ rehearsals with Jackson”.

Gaga’s team is now understood to be taking the dancers’ concerns seriously and looking into their allegations, according to Rolling Stone.

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