'Eternals' actress Lauren Ridloff breaks down her hair routine, how she keeps confident and her thoughts on inclusivity 

Last year, Lauren Ridloff made history as Marvel's first deaf superhero.

Now she's taking on another first as the first-ever beauty ambassador for Prose.

The "Eternals" actress, who often sports a head full of styled curls, has partnered with the custom hair care brand in a big, beautiful way.

She is starring as the face of the Brooklyn-based, direct-to-consumer beauty-tech company's "Curl Outside the Lines" national campaign.

Ridloff is the perfect person to further underscore the brand's commitment to inclusivity and personalization.

“I honor my hair and that is how I style it.”

“My hair doesn't understand rules, doesn't understand rigidity. It isn't wild or crazy or difficult -- my hair is natural”

“I am honored to work alongside a brand that supports and vocalizes this same belief."

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