MTV's Ryan Sheckler Details "Unmanageable" Addiction At the Height of His Teen Stardom

Fifteen years after Life of Ryan premiered on MTV, professional skateboarder Ryan Sheckler reflected on struggling to grow up in the spotlight

Fifteen years later, the life of Ryan Sheckler looks quite different.

The professional skateboarder kick-flipped over the line from athlete to celebrity when Life of Ryan premiered on MTV in July 2007.

The reality series followed a then-teenage Ryan—who was the youngest competitor ever to win X Games gold at 13—as he balanced his personal life and professional duties.

Life of Ryan turned its young star into a household name and brought new fans into the world of skateboarding.

But, ironically enough, it was the very community Ryan was hoping to shine a spotlight on that turned its back on him, accusing him of selling out.

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