Neil Patrick Harris Flexes His Whimsical Arm Tattoo: 'I Got Some New Ink'

Neil Patrick Harris just debuted another sentimental tattoo.

In an Instagram post shared on Wednesday, the How I Met Your Mother alum revealed his new fantastical ink

The ink is an illustration of a white rabbit holding a 3 of Hearts playing card while peeking out of a magician's black top hat.

For the tattoo, Harris, 49, paid a visit to artist Thomas Carli Jarlier's Noire Ink London parlor.

Harris also shared a collection of behind-the-scenes clips of his ink session.

"I got some ink," Harris captioned the post.

"Wanted a second tattoo for a while, and thought London was the ideal place to get a proper magician's top hat," he added.

Harris didn't specify the meaning behind the tattoo, but fans suspect that the 3 of Hearts card symbolizes the actor's family.

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