Abby De La Rosa on Brittany Bell pregnancy: Nick Cannon is creating ‘Gen C’

Abby De La Rosa revealed how she felt about Nick Cannon having ten kids.

Nick revealed Brittany Bell is pregnant with their third child (his tenth).

After that, Abby De La Rosa joked that Nick is single-handedly populating the next generation

Taking to social media, the mom of two of Cannon’s kids shared a Brian Moller video.

The video poked fun at her baby daddy for getting multiple women pregnant at the same.

“They could take on the Kardashians for world supremacy,” the comedian said in his video.

“And they said millennials aren’t having kids. They’re not, Nick’s having them all!”

Two months ago, the 31-year-old DJ revealed she was expecting baby No. 3 just one year after welcoming twin sons.

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