One Piece: Red Promo Sparks Major Gear Fifth Question About Luffy

One Piece: Red is set to hit theaters in Japan this August, featuring the long-awaited return of Red Haired Shanks alongside the introduction of his daughter, the ultimate diva, Uta.

While the questions of when this story takes place are still up in the air, a new poster is making fans of the Grand Line begin to wonder if Luffy's latest transformation, Gear Fifth, might have a role to play in the fifteenth film of the franchise from Eiichiro Oda.

Twitter Outlet New World Artur shared a new poster that features both One Piece: Red as well as the recent events of the Shonen's manga, though the user believes that the inclusion of Gear Fifth is simply to highlight the events of the War For Wano Arc rather than hint at the idea of Luffy's newest transformation being a part of the movie:

It will be interesting to see where Gear Fifth appears first in terms of animation, as the television series could document Luffy's new transformation before the movie lands in Japan on August 6th of this summer.

Regardless, fans are waiting to see Luffy's most powerful form hit the anime proper considering how out there the transformation is and the wild implications of Monkey's powers while accessing it.

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