Pregnant Athlete Tori Bowie Spoke About Her Excitement to Become a Mom Before Her Death

Two weeks before Tori Bowie died, her voice fluttered with excitement as she told her longtime agent and confidant Kimberly Holland how thrilled she was to become a mom.

Bowie, a track and field sensation, was about eight months pregnant and had already bought clothes for the baby, Holland said.

Over the phone, Bowie giggled and discussed how much she was “looking forward to this new chapter in her life,” Holland said.

“I thought that conversation, overall, was a conversation of new beginnings,” Holland said in an interview.

Instead, Bowie, 32, who was once the fastest woman in the world, was found dead May 2 in her Winter Garden, Florida

Bowie had not widely announced her pregnancy, but she was excited about it, Holland said.

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