Raju Srivastava passes away

His keen observation and comedic timing of numerous facets of Indian society have made him most well-known. alongside the talent show

Another name for Raju is Gajodhar. He is an Indian actor, comedian, and politician. He is an observational comedian from India, which is increasingly common

He then participated in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge- Champions, a spin-off. He earned the moniker "The King of Comedy" as a result.

He came in as the second runner-up on that show

He competed in stand-up comedy's version of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge

He is most recognised for his sharp observation and humorous timing of numerous facets of Indian society. the talent competition

He is an Indian comedian who is most known for his observational humour.

Gajodhar is another name for Raju. He is a politician, actor, and comedian from India

Ajay Devgn advises Sidharth Malhotra to curb his passion for Nora Fatehi in the song "Manike," thank God.