Scary Arrest Made At Buckingham Palace Ahead Of The Queen's Jubilee

on May 29, a 28-year-old man named Connor Attridge slipped past one of the gates of the palace as it opened to admit a vehicle. Staff was on hand to stop him before he could go much further.

He reportedly said, "I want to come in. I want to see the Queen." Guards promptly arrested Attridge, who has a history of mental health issues, according to his lawyer.

Fortunately, the queen was away in her Balmoral estate at the time.

After being told to not go any further by a member of the household staff, he proceeded to move a further 10 to 16 feet before reportedly telling them, “I want to come in. I want to see the Queen.”

A number of other trespassers have managed to breach the heavily guarded palace. In 2016, a man with a murder record managed to get into the gardens for several minutes before being arrested

Attridge has been granted bail with conditions such as having a curfew monitored by an electronic tag. He’s also been ordered not to travel to London except to attend court.

The Queen was not at the palace at the time, with her travelling back to Windsor Castle on Tuesday after a short break at her Balmoral estate in Scotland over the weekend.