Selena Gomez Reveals She Broke Her Hand

Selena Gomez revealed a hand injury during the release of her song "Single Soon," expressing a lack of concern for sales and a focus on making music with friends.

The singer, known for hits like "Wolves," underwent surgery for a broken hand, as mentioned in her response to a fan's post on August 26.

Selena, who previously shared her lupus diagnosis in 2014, did not elaborate further on the nature of the injury.

Sharing on August 27, Jessie mentioned that she and Eric had been content with their family of five before this unexpected news.

Despite the hand injury, she enthusiastically celebrated the release of "Single Soon" on social media, marking her musical comeback after almost a year since her last track from the documentary "My Mind & Me."

In her comment, Selena emphasized her joy in creating music with friends, indicating her priorities lie beyond commercial success.

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