'Stranger Things' star Joseph Quinn helped pick tattoo designs for his character, says the show's makeup artist

The tattoos worn by Eddie Munson in season four of "Stranger Things" are now considered iconic by fans.

The fans can now thank actor Joseph Quinn for some of them.

Amy L. Forsythe, the lead makeup artist who's worked on all four seasons of the Netflix show and is now nominated for multiple Emmys.

She discussed the inspirations behind Munson's ink and how the specific designs were chosen for the character.

The fans are now getting his tattoos on themselves;

"I had my tattoo artist make a flash sheet of tattoos that people in the trailer park or Eddie might have"

Munson would get his tattoos from a kitchen scratcher, or an inexperienced artist, at home in his trailer.

"And then I was having discussions with Joe about what else he would want on him — so the head on his chest he chose"

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