Taylor Swift Eras Tour Security Guard Says He Was Fired for Asking Fans to Take Pics of Him

A security guard at Taylor Swift's Eras Tour faced consequences for asking fans to photograph him and the singer during his work shift in Minneapolis.

The security guard, named Calvin Denker, claims he was fired for distributing notes to fans, requesting them to take pictures of him and Taylor Swift together while he maintained his duty.

Calvin's intention was to capture the moment of Taylor Swift's proximity while adhering to his job's restriction of not turning his back to the audience.

On June 28, Calvin shared his experience via TikTok, explaining how he provided fans with written instructions to help him get a photo with Taylor Swift, resulting in his termination.

Calvin's devised plan included handing out paper notes that acknowledged his phone-use prohibition, but asked for assistance in photographing him and Taylor Swift in the event she approached from behind.

The incident highlights Calvin's attempt to immortalize a unique moment, juxtaposed with his job's regulations and the subsequent professional ramifications he faced.

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