Thanos' Uncle Is Officially the Eternals' Version of Satan

The Eternals just revealed how they see one of their most dangerous members, as Thanos' deadly ancestor Uranos was just directly compared to Satan

In a new preview for A.X.E.: Death to the Mutants #1 by Marvel Comics, the Eternals plan how to take on Druig and his powerful army.

When Ikaris suggests they're standing up against injustice, Phastos says he's downplaying things, referring to Uranos as Satan, and calling him a huge problem for the heroes.

Uranos the Undying is the Grand-Uncle of Thanos whose genocidal actions led him to be imprisoned in exclusion by his fellow Eternals for hundreds of thousands of years.

Eternals breaking free from their own kind after learning the true cost of being eternal, Druig, the new Prime-Eternal, is unleashing his forces against the X-Men 

His prime weapon against the X-Men is Uranos, who wiped out Arakko in under an hour, killing thousands of mutants in what can only be described as a massacre.

Now, the Eternals against Druig are trying to plan to stop Uranos, referring to the villain as their version of Satan.

. A.X.E.: Death to Mutants #1 by Marvel Comics is in comic book stores on Wednesday.

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