The Best Action Movies on HBO Max

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Year: 2000 Runtime: 2h Director: Ang Lee

The Dark Knight trilogy Year: 2005-2012 Runtime: Varies Director: Christopher Nolan

3:10 to Yuma Year: 2007 Runtime: 2h 2m Director: James Mangold

The Batman Year: 2022 Runtime: 2h 56m Director: Matt Reeves

Blade Runner 2049 Year: 2017 Runtime: 2h 43m Director: Denis Villeneuve

The Bourne Supremacy Year: 2004 Runtime: 1h 48m Director: Paul Greengrass

Deep Blue Sea Year: 1999 Runtime: 1h 45m Director: Renny Harlin

Domino Year: 2005 Runtime: 2h 7m Director: Tony Scott

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