‘There’s a feeling of powerlessness’: UK healthcare workers on rising Covid numbers

As wards fill up, workers complain of staff shortages, long waiting times and lack of care in the community

Covid infection levels and hospitalisations are rising as the Omicron sub-variants BA.4 and BA.5 spread in the UK.

The total number of people in hospital in England who had tested positive for Covid stood at 11,878 on Thursday, an increase of 33% from the week before.

Ambulance stacking is still a massive problem.

There’s people in the back of ambulances for hours and hours.

Failed discharge has been increasing in the last six months.

Staff demoralisation is a big concern

A lot of people are scared to go into hospital these days, too, because there are limited visiting hours. They don’t want to pass away in a hospital where they get to see their family member one hour, once a week