UK: Rishi Sunak's Winning Streak Continues, Gets Highest Votes In The Second Ballot

With 101 votes, Sunak won the election

He was ahead of junior trade minister & betting favourite Penny Mordaunt (83 votes), and foreign secretary Liz Truss (64 votes)

former chancellor Rishi Sunak kept his lead in the race to become the next prime minister of the United Kingdom on July 14.

In the first round of voting on July 13, Sunak also received the most support from Conservative lawmakers.

Sunak received 88 of the party's 358 Members of Parliament (MPs)

Sunak's departure as Finance Minister last week contributed to Johnson's resignation.

The 1922 Committee of Conservative backbenchers established a deadline of July 21 for the shortlist to be reduced to just two candidates, final results to be declared on September 5

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