Vitamin B12 deficiency

Spasms in one side of the body could be hinting at low levels

VITAMIN B12 manages both the nervous and neurological functions so without it, problems are likely to ensue.

One lesser-known warning sign of a deficiency may emerge in the body's limbs.

The risk of vitamin B12 deficiency increases with age, but dietary choices may also increase a person’s likelihood.

The first signs of insufficiency in B12 tend to include fatigue, headaches, depression, pain and inflammation in the mouth and tongue.

Other manifestations of the disease like involuntary movements are among the less widely discussed complications of B12 deficiency.

Because B12 directly impacts sensory nerve function, a deficiency is likely to lead to motor dysfunction.

A severe lack of vitamin B12 is rare, but even mild deficiency can cause shakiness and tremors.