Why Jordan Elsass Left Superman & Lois

Superman & Lois has been the most well-received DC Comics adaptation to air on The CW in years.

Jordan Elsass, who plays Jonathan Kent, will no longer play him on Superman & Lois.

This abrupt revelation has shocked the fanbase, with many wondering why the young actor is departing the show.

early August 2022, news broke that Jordan Elsass would not be returning for any more episodes of Superman & Lois

Warner Bros. TV was notified by Elsass himself that he would not be coming back with reason to allow him to deal with personal issues.

Many have suspected that this could stem from the mental health issues the actor had briefly made public.

Some have also speculated that Elsass's vaccination status may have caused contention

At the time, however, there is only the official statement to go on, with the departure seemingly amicable.

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