Why Katt Williams Thinks Will Smith's Career May Have Been Derailed by Jaden Smith

As many people are aware, Jaden Smith initially decided to follow his parents' example and pursue an acting career.

In The Pursuit of Happiness, the young actor appeared with his father in his first official leading role.

From there, he added more films to his resume, including 2010's The Karate Kid and the science fiction feature After Earth.

Smith has frequently argued that he didn't merely receive his child actor roles in the past.

In order to avoid nepotism, Smith once told Collider that he had them audition for their roles.

He also wanted to make it clear that he didn't push his kids into acting as a career.

 "I would never, ever pressure somebody to have their image appear on a poster that will be displayed all over the world."

He once told Vulture, "It may appear like we've pushed our kids into the profession, but that is totally absurd.