Young Black adults at higher risk for plaque buildup in arteries.

A study from the Mount Sinai Health System found that young Black adults are more likely to have a potentially life-threatening condition affecting the heart than young Hispanic adults.

Atherosclerosis is a plaque buildup in the arteries that could lead to blockages.

While diet is one contributing factor, Dr. Valentin Fuster, the director of Mount Sinai Heart, says there are many others.

“We describe seven risk factors for cardiovascular disease. --Obesity & high blood pressure  -- cholesterol and high glucose, -- smoking, lack of exercise and poor diet”

“In the Black population, this is magnified, not only because they have more risk factors than Hispanic population, but there is something else in the Black population that makes them have more disease, and we have to investigate what this is.”

it’s important to take action and make the choice to improve one’s health.

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